WHAT: JASA Daifuku and Dango Fundraiser!
WHERE: In front of Stamp Student Union, near the ATM.
WHEN: Friday, October 8th, 11:00 a.m.->4:00 p.m.
COST: Only $1!!!

We're taking a different approach to our fundraisers this time around by introducing TWO, yes TWO new items to our "menu." We will be selling Daifuku and Dango in front of Stamp this Friday!

Daifuku is a small round Japanese sticky rice cake filled with sweet red beans. The characters written for little cake literally means "great luck"!

Dango is a type of sweet Japanese dessert dumplings served on a skewer. These little treats are a favorite all year round and served in different varieties depending on the season. We will be having Mitarashi dango (a sweet salty syrup) and Anko dango (red bean).

Like we mentioned before, we will be selling it all for only $1! So don't forget to come out Friday and buy a delicious Daifuku or Dango treat before finishing off your week. See you there!

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maddy said...

yo someone needs to update this jont!
where is sushi tutorial??

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